Hi, I'm Sam Brand

I'm a product manager. Over the past decade I've worked at companies like Stack Overflow, Slader, Quizlet, and Papa. Find me on LinkedIn.

This is my personal website. I'm using this space to share tutorials on SQL concepts which I have used across my career and which I sometimes teach to others. Usually, I teach SQL in-house at companies using proprietary data locked behind a firewall. That's no use to you. So on this website all tutorials use public data that anyone can query, for free, through BigQuery.

The articles found on this website come in 3 general flavors:

SQL 101 – To help you if you're just getting started.

SQL for Product ManagersHistograms, retention, funnels, and sentiment analysis to tell stories with data and to validate product decisions.

Other – Musings on product management and analytics, such as how I learned SQL, and why you should, too.

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Also, I'm always interested in hearing about opportunities to help you or your team.

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